"Millennia have past since the fall of the great Eastern bastions of Civilization: those Empires that stood in the majesty and glory of the Divines. The loss of life is said to be incomparable as the darkness rose up and consumed the celestial grace of the Old World. The Old World: one where deities walked among mortals and impossibility was a distant, if not unheard of, limitation on the life-worlds of those whom basked in the Golden Age. It is unclear now what events led to the present distribution of great ruins across the Eastern lands. Many blame the inevitability of the gluttony and greed of civilization and mortal’s excesses; some speculate a great war, taxing on both life and resources led to their slow attrition; others still attribute such to an unspeakable Abomination from the Far Realm. Most tales however also include some fair warning about the perils of arcane magic and devil-worship (the two one and the same). Whilst alternative theories exist in parables taught to younglings, it is certain that the world appears more vast now, where distant points of light gasp for breath in rolling unclaimed, untouched lands."

-Extract from Pindelwick's Introduction to Naridian History

Tides of Doom

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